The Story of Hesitant Woman

Earl playing at Open Mic

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It was a stormy evening, not an uncommon event for South Georgia in August. We had been booked for an outdoor gig that evening. The stage was covered so our gear was OK, even though Bubba, our sound & light technician, had covered everything with a tarp – just to be sure. He was always […]

Time for Santa to Ride

Time for Santa to Ride Artwork

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Well, here I am performing our new Christmas song, Time for Santa to Ride. This was taken recently at Abbott’s in John’s Creek during an Open Mic evening. The boys weren’t able to make it, so I performed the song alone. The folks at Abbott’s know one another, or most of them do, and they’re […]

VSC Jazz Band

Picture of VSC Jazz Band in 1976

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That’s the VSC Jazz Band, organized and headed by the famous Ed Barr who is seated to the far left. Ed was and remains a very smart man. He came to VSC as a Music Professor who lived Jazz. I don’t know if VSC had a Jazz Band when Ed arrived; I believe that I […]

Army Daze

Earl and Kit in the Army

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That’s Kit Jones, my best friend from my Army days, and me sitting at post one downrange in the missile area, ’73-‘74. You can see that we weren’t very military in our appearance. I stayed in trouble for not cutting my hair or shaving on any regular basis. Nor did I ever starch and iron […]

The Boys First Year

The Boys

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That’s me in the middle of one of our band promotional photos taken in the Fall of 1981. Yea, the Little Napoleon, pointing at one of my medals from my US Army days. The perm that I had allowed a well-meaning girlfriend to put in my hair a few months earlier was finally beginning to […]

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